A Rundown Of Holly Springs, Mississippi

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The typical household size in Holly Springs, MS is 3.41 family members, with 45.6% owning their own homes. The mean home appraisal is $86027. For individuals renting, they pay out an average of $674 monthly. 33.6% of homes have two incomes, and a median household income of $27190. Average individual income is $19775. 31.9% of town residents live at or below the poverty line, and 11.8% are considered disabled. 2.9% of citizens are ex-members associated with military.

The work force participation rate in Holly SpringsThe work force participation rate in Holly Springs is 40.5%, with an unemployment rate of 11.2%. For people into the labor pool, the average commute time is 21.3 minutes. 3.7% of Holly Springsā€™s community have a grad degree, and 8.1% have a bachelors degree. Among the people without a college degree, 29.5% have at least some college, 32.5% have a high school diploma, and only 26.1% have an education lower than senior high school. 14.2% are not included in medical insurance.